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  • Sharpens most all types of double-bevel, standard edge knives
  • Sharpens both sides of the knife blade at the same time
  • Preset Sharpening Angle Provides Guaranteed Results
  • Quick, Safe and Easy to Use
  • Sharpens Left or Right-Handed Scissors
  • Reversible and Replaceable Carbide Blades

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    Smith's new Fisherman's Multi-Tool Pliers is the perfect tool for the avid fisherman or outdoorsman. It's full cast aluminum body guarantees durability in even the toughest conditions and the vast selection of individual tools ensures you will have the right tool for any scenario when you are fishing, camping, or hiking deep in the backcountry. It has a spring-loaded, compact handle that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is guaranteed to open when you release your grip. It is compact enough to fit in your pocket or pack, yet packed with 12 individual tools that can be quickly and easily deployed upon demand.

    The individual tools start with the spring action pliers, which are at the center of the product's frame. At the base of the pliers are a set of crimpers and wire cutters, but the bulk of the tools for this product is in the handles. You have the choice of a standard-edge knife blade for fine cutting or a saw blade that's great for scaling fish. Other tools that are readily available include a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, hook sharpening file, a tool to remove a hook from the fish's mouth, a ruler, a bottle opener, a knot tying tool, and a jig eyelet punch.

    My gosh......what else could a Fisherman or Outdoosman ask for in a multi-tool platform? How about a nice, durable pouch to store and transport the tool in. Well, we've got that covered too. The Fisherman's Multi-Tool Pliers comes with a sleek, nylon pouch that makes transport easy and effortless as well as protecting your multi-tool from the elements when not in use or in storage.




    Clean your sharpener with a damp cloth or mild brush. Do not rinse with water. Clean your Sharpener and Knife Tool with a damp cloth and mild brush. Do not rinse with water.