4oz. Premium Honing Solution

4oz. Premium Honing Solution (HON1)

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Smith’s specially formulated Honing Solution is nonpetroleum based and features built-in stone cleaning agents and rust/corrosion inhibitors. It is excellent for lubricating your Arkansas or Diamond Stone when sharpening. Never use an Arkansas...
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Very Happy

I picked up a bottle of Smith's Honing Solution, just another bottle of honing oil. I was very suprised when I used it on an older stone that over the years had degraded with old oil, dirt, metal etc. As I started using the honing solution I quickly found out it was not oil, but some type of water based lubricant. It started cleaning the stone restoring it's surface. It drys out a bit with use but a couple drops of water on the stone and you're back in business. I couldn't be happier with the product and recommend it without hesitation. I have been sharpening knives for 50 years so I know a little bit about sharpening, way to go Smith's.

Reviews 1-1 of 1