8" Diamond Tri-Hone

8" Diamond Tri-Hone (50008)

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Smith's 8" Diamond Tri-Hone offers comes with two interrupted surface diamond stones and a Medium Arkansas stone. The Coarse and Fine grit diamond stones feature a unique, overlapping hole design that speeds sharpening by collecting and holding the...
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solid tool

I wanted to leave a review because there was not any and I know they are important to consumers. I have sharpened hundreds of knives on this 3 stone set, mostly kitchen cutlery.. I sharpen my own and for many friends and family. This set will allow you to put better than factory edges on quality steel from all the major brands like henckels and Wustoff , ect.

If your skills are solid this is all you will ever need. The fine stone on this set is very nice and is perfect for monthly honing . Throw out that sharpening rod..it is horrible and just hone with the 1200 every week if you use your knives alot..

Only Con..if you have very hard Japanese Knives @61 or higher ..This set will be very slow, But lets face it if your knives are that high end you will have a set of wet stones to maintain it

Reviews 1-1 of 1