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  • Reversible to extend life of blades
  • Tungsten Carbide material works quickly to remove metal
  • Will quickly put a sharp edge on even the dullest of knives

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    Tungsten Carbide Blades put a quick sharp edge on dull or damaged knives. The carbide blades are reversible and replaceable. Use these replacement blades for:

    • Diamond Edge Pro Knife & Scissors Sharpener (item # 50023)

    Two blades per set

    See additional images for reference to the item that use these carbide blades.



    California’s Proposition 65 Warning:

    This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


    Blade Reversal Instructions:

    1. Remove the Phillips head screw(s) covering the blades and pull the cover over the blades off. Save the screw and cover for re-assembly.
    2. Remove the existing carbide blades.
    3. Holding the left blade in your left hand and the right blade in your right hand, rotate the blades 180 degrees, then swap positions of the blades (i.e. put the blade in your left hand in the right side position and the blade in your right hand in the left side position.) You should now be using the opposite side of the blade from what you were using before.
    4. Put the cover back over the blades and replace the Phillips head screws.
    5. Tighten down the screw.
    6. Replacement Instructions:
    7. Remove the Phillips head screw(s) and the cover over the blades. Save the screw(s) and cover for re-assembly.
    8. Remove the existing carbide blades and discard.
    9. Insert new carbide blades into v-slot in the same manner as the old blades that were just removed.
    10. Put the cover back over the blades and replace the screw(s).
    11. Tighten down the screw.

    Jiff-S 10Second Knife And Scissors Sharpener

    If these are the correct replacement blades I will be ecstatic because my JIFF-S sharpener is the best I've used yet