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  • Sharpens straight edge knives and scissors
  • Preset sharpening angle guides
  • Replaceable sharpening belts
  • 120 volts
  • 3 year limited warranty

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    The Knife & Scissor Sharpener is designed with preset angle guides at 20° for straight edge knives and a preset guide for sharpening scissors. Floating backing plates allow the belt to stay straight and not burn the blade tip. The Smith's Knife & Scissor Sharpener includes 3 abrasive belts (fine, medium, and course).

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    California’s Proposition 65 Warning:

    This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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    Great sharpener and great value.

    Southwest Oklahoma.
    I had seen something like this selling for almost 80 bucks. When Walmart had them for under 30, I was all over it. Honestly the only thing I can say bad, is I wish it had come with a few more belts, maybe a really fine like 1000 or 1200 belt.

    Great tool for myself, a novice knife sharpener.

    Euless, Texas
    I have roughly a dozen different sharpeners from pull throughs to strops to multiple electric sharpeners and I have to say that this item is one of my favorites. Why is that? Humbling as it is to admit, I like it because I can achieve great results with my current knife sharpening skills which I would describe as .. "someone who is learning."

    I do have one suggestion to anyone purchasing the electric knife sharpener. That is to buy extra belts at the same time you buy the sharpener itself. Still unsure of how I had done it, I took a chunk out of the fine belt suddenly. Once that happened, it's departure from service as was imminent. Ordering more belts is why I am here now, and despite needing to do so, I am still rating this product at 5 out of 5 stars. User error, not product error, caused the belt to break. I recommend getting extra for several reasons. They're inexpensive, we're human and it's nice to have a backup.

    I digress. This is a great product. Do not underestimate it's power. It will shred steel from your blade with a fury. The engine in this sharpener puts those cylinder shaped stone electric sharpeners to shame. The stone ones move that stone with such little power that any pressure from the blade and it stops moving. Not with this puppy! You apply pressure, and it replies, "Yessir!" salutes, and begins removing steel with a vengeance.

    Read the instructions.

    Two seconds per pass is recommended in the directions. I found when creating an apex and using the fine belt that quick 1/2 second passes through works best for me. Longer blades, such as my mini-machete (~14" blade) I do a full 1 second pass when doing a quick pass to work that apex.

    Before mentioning the burr removal, I want to stress that this is not a toy. Safety is paramount and this is my personal opinion and *not* Smith's (There, they're not liable.) I wear my safety prescription eyeglasses, a surgical type mask and intentionally no gloves. If I did not wear glasses, I would put on protective glasses. The mask is simply to avoid breathing in heavy metal dust. I strongly recommend getting disposable surgical masks. They're a dime a dozen. Now the reason I do not wear gloves is I find it more important to have my full dexterity when using this sharpener. It was designed with minimal access points to come into contact with the belt moving at a high speed. Protective gloves, especially a thicker, leather glove I could see being more likely to get caught in a belt than protect you from the danger it doesn't even possess in how well it's designed to keep clear of your contact while using.

    I hope I did not write one of those too length, too many opinions, too little facts, therefore never read to the end kind of reviews. If you have gotten this far, buy the thing. You may regret having suffered through my review, but you'll appreciate making this good purchase.