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  • Half rounded, fine diamond coated steel rod
  • Soft grip handle for storage
  • Rod retracts into handle for storage when not in use
  • Quick reference weights and measurement chart on back of handle

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    The Smith's Glass Saver solves a common household problem. If you have a chipped or sharp edge on a valued piece of crystal, fine china, or everyday glassware that is unsafe to use, Smith's Glass Saver will quickly smooth the dangerous sharp edge making the item safe to use again. The Glass Saver uses a retractable fine diamond-coated rod to smooth the sharp surface. The diamond rod retracts into the handle for compact storage and rod protection. There is a quick reference weights and measures table imprinted on the back.



    California’s Proposition 65 Warning:

    This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.



    1. While holding glass saver in the palm of your hand, push on red buttons with your thumb and slide rod forward so that rod is extended out the end of the product. Release pressure on red buttons. The rod should lock into place.
    2. Place either flat side or half-round side of diamond rod on the sharp surface and move the rod back and forth while applying light downward pressure. Don't press down to hard or the object you are working on may break.
    3. Stop and test the edge to see if it is smooth. If not, repeat back and forth motion several times until edge is smooth.
    4. Push on red buttons and slide rod back into housing.
    5. Storage and Cleaning:
    6. Clean with a damp cloth. Store in a dry place.