Features & Benefits

  • Holds twice as much food as traditional skewers
  • Allows the user to marinate foods right on the wire inside of a bag, without having to handle them numerous times
  • Design allows it to remain cool to the touch, allowing it to be turned or removed from the grill without the use of other tools
  • Dishwasher safe and has a lifetime guarantee

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Price: $11.99

    Grill More

    Secure more than twice as much food per kabob than a straight skewer

    Stay Cool

    Innovative stainless steel design stays cool, allowing you to turn or remove food from the grill without using tools

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    “The best product ever, throw out the rest of the skewers. Easy to wash, easy to use – great great product!”

    Keep it Clean

    Never handle the food twice to marinate – simply marinate in the bag while skewered on the Fire Wire

    Make Room

    Allows you to effectively use the space on your grill