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  • Two stages of sharpening - Coarse & Fine
  • Sharpens standard and serrated edge knife blades
  • Premium abrasives for sharper, longer lasting cutting edge
  • Precision ground carbides for quick edge setting
  • Specially-shaped ceramic stones for sharpening standard or serrated edge blades
  • Extra-Fine ceramic stones for final edge honing
  • Fixed angle abrasive components provide consistent results every time
  • Quick, safe, and easy to use
  • Ergonomically designed soft grip handle for comfort and control during use
  • Non-slip rubber base for secure and stable sharpening
  • Replaceable abrasive components
  • Abrasives: Carbides - Coarse/ Ceramic- Extra-Fine (1,500)

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    Designed for the Sports Enthusiast who demands the highest quality sharpening tools and abrasives, the Edge Pro Pull-Thru Knife sharpener delivers a level of sharpening performance unmatched by standard edge care products. This sharpener offers two stages of sharpening for all types of knives, everything from everyday pocket knives to the finest customer sport knives. The precision ground carbides remove metal in a smoother, more consistent fashion when setting the edge on very dull straight edge blades, and the specially shaped ceramic stones can be used to lightly hone either STRAIGHT or SERRATED edge blades. It has an ergonomically designed soft grip handle and non-slip rubber feet for comfort and safety.



    California’s Proposition 65 Warning:

    This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


    Best knife sharpener I've ever used

    It's feels good in the hand it's easy to use and most importantly it leaves the knife sharp

    Love my smith,a sharpen

    I got the sharpen for camping and to keep my knfes sharp. I like that you pull the blade a cuple time and you have a sharp blade

    Edge Pro Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener

    I love this Pull-Thru. I have a 2300gram Gurkha Kukri Knife, & with its curved and long blade, this makes it very easy to sharpen with ease. It will put on a great edge on my blade to make chopping and splitting wood easy.
    The stones are replaceable which makes it a great value. It will ensure the life if the Pull-Thru.

    The No-Skill Sharpener.

    I've reviewed this sharpener in Tactical Knives and Woods-N-Water News magazines, and I rated it ideal for tacklebox or kitchen drawer. It requires no skill to use, and even the most unpracticed novice can achieve a shaving edge in no time, every time. This sharpener threatens to make an old honesman like myself obsolete.