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  • Sharpens all types of standard-edge knives
  • Sharpens fish hooks of all sizes
  • Preset sharpening angle provides guaranteed results
  • Quick, safe, and easy to use
  • Reversible and replaceable carbide blades
  • Lanyard hole
  • Knife sharpening slots built into handle
  • Diamond coated file

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    These sharpening stones are made from a synthetic abrasive material and are used in the same manner as a diamond or natural bench stone. The extra-coarse side of the stone (100 grit) is used for aggressive removal of metal and will sharpen a dull or damaged blade very quickly. The other side of the stone (240 grit) is for less aggressive removal of metal and should be used for sharpening somewhat dull blades that just need a quick touch-up or for smoothing the cutting edge after sharpening on the extra-coarse side. It is excellent for use on pocket knives, sport knives, tactical knives, or other cutting tools.




    Hook File Instructions:

    1. Hold fish hook so that point of hook is exposed and stable.
    2. Lay far end of file flush against point of hook.
    3. Stroke the file in an upward motion against the point of the hook with light pressure.
    4. Rotate hook and repeat until sharp.


    1. Place sharpener on flat surface and grip handle with left hand. Hold knife in right hand. Select the appropriate sharpening slot. (Coarse – Quickly sharpens a dull blade; Fine – Finishes the edge for cutting) NOTE: A reasonably sharp blade may only require light sharpening in the FINE slot. The COARSE slot is intended for very dull or damaged blades that require a new, sharp cutting edge.
    2. Insert knife blade into sharpening slot as shown.
    3. Pull blade through slot in direction of arrow from heel to tip while applying light, downward pressure. Follow contour of blade all the way to tip.
    4. Repeat this action until sharp. If needed, move to FINE slot and repeat. NOTE: A knife blade made of very hard steel may require additional pulls.

    Care & Storage:

    Always clean your sharpener after use. Clean with a damp cloth or mild brush. Do not rinse with water. Store in kitchen drawer or cabinet. When the carbide blades in the COARSE slot stop removing metal from the knife blade, they should be replaced. Contact Smith's for replacement blades.