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  • Sharpens knives and tools
  • Multiple grits in one stone
  • Use for large or small blades
  • Stone material - aluminum oxide
  • Stone grits = 100 and 240
  • Stone size = 8" x 2" x 3/4"
  • Assembled in USA; Stone material imported

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    These sharpening stones are made from a synthetic abrasive material and are used in the same manner as a diamond or natural bench stone. The extra-coarse side of the stone (100 grit) is used for aggressive removal of metal and will sharpen a dull or damaged blade very quickly. The other side of the stone (240 grit) is for less aggressive removal of metal and should be used for sharpening somewhat dull blades that just need a quick touch-up or for smoothing the cutting edge after sharpening on the extra-coarse side. It is excellent for use on pocket knives, sport knives, tactical knives, or other cutting tools.



    California’s Proposition 65 Warning:

    This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


    Works well

    Grafton, West Virginia
    • affordable
    • good quality
    • works well
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    In response to an earlier comment I read: The instructions were inside my box when I purchased this item. "Yes", always use a honing solution or water. So, water is okay. The instructions also provide that using the stone without a lubricant could damage or clog the stone.

    Surprisingly Good Quality

    I have an older version where the 240 grit is a tan color instead of the lighter color of this model, but looks to be the same dimensions and made of the same materials. Despite being relatively inexpensive it's the stone that sees the most use in my collection.

    The ability to apex, that is sharpen both sides of a blade at the right angle so that a burr (excess piece of metal) forms along the edge of the blade, is so critically important when working towards a razor sharp edge. And I find myself coming back to the aggressive 100 grit side of the stone to ensure I apex before moving onto fine grits. From lawn mower blades, shovels, axes, and knives this hardy stone has helped me get that first edge. I like the physical feedback of being able to run a finger along the blade and feel the curled burr, without even looking I can feel where I did not connect with the stone at the at the angle I wanted and more passes are needed.

    My only compliant was the "instructions inside" were not inside the box. I am guessing the stone is intended to use Smith's honing oil, but I prefer wetting the stone with water as I sharpen knives I eat with. Not sure if it's the intended use but the stone holds water well. I am getting clogged pores with rusty bits of steel though, so may need to research some food safe oils for the stone.