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  • Interrupted surface speeds sharpening
  • 325 Grit (COARSE)
  • Cover doubles as base extension
  • Straight-line sharpening groove for hooks and pointed objects
  • Micro-Tool Sharpening Pad for tips of your knife blade and small cutting tools
  • Lightweight and compact

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    Smith's® new 4” Coarse Diamond Sharpening Stone (item # 50924) features Smith’s patented interrupted diamond surface which speeds the sharpening process by collecting and holding the metal filings removed from the knife or tool edge during sharpening. This keeps the sharpening surface clean and working effectively. The 4” Coarse Diamond Sharpening Stone also comes with a Micro-Tool Sharpening Pad™ for sharpening the tips of your knife blade and small tools, a straight-line sharpening groove for fishhooks and pointed objects, and a stone cover that doubles as a base when not covering the stone. It is excellent for sharpening even the hardest steel blades and works best on small to medium hunting knives, tactical knives, and everyday pocket knives.



    California’s Proposition 65 Warning:

    This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


    Knife Sharpening Instructions:

    WARNING: Keep fingers and hands away from the knife blade during sharpening or injury may occur.

    1. Remove stone cover and insert into base. If preferred, cover stone’s surface with honing solution or water. Stone may be used with or without a sharpening lubricant.

    2. Place your blade on one end of the stone at an approximate 20 degree angle.

    3. Push the blade away from you down the stone and drag across as you push to sharpen the entire cutting edge. Repeat 3 or 4 times trying to keep the same angle each time.

    4. To sharpen the other side, flip blade over and place at opposite end. Repeat steps 2 and 3 but pull the blade towards you instead of pushing away.

    5. Continue sharpening both sides of the blade equally and at consistent angle until sharp.