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  • Carbide blades for quick edge setting; interrupted surface diamond stone provides razor sharp edge
  • Ceramic rods provide multi-use sharpening capabilities
  • Protective lid serves as hand guard
  • Sharpening groove for fish hooks and pointed tools
  • Preset sharpening angles provide guaranteed result

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    Smith’s 3-in-1 Sharpener can handle all of your sharpening needs. It features pre-aligned carbide blades, which are reversible and replaceable, for quick edge setting capabilities. The Fine 750-grit Interrupted Surface Diamond Stone provides a quick razor sharp edge on any knife or tool. A pair of specially shaped teardrop ceramic rods provide multi-use sharpening capabilities, everything from standard to serrated edges along with hooks and tools. The protective storage lid also serves as a hand guard, and the ceramic rods fit securely into a compartment in the bottom of the base for safe and easy storage.



    California’s Proposition 65 Warning:

    This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


    1. Use water or Smith's non-petroleum based honing solution as your sharpening lubricant. Stone can be used dry. Do not use petroleum based oils as a lubricant.
    2. Place your blade on the end of the stone at the desired sharpening angle.
    3. Push the blade away from you just like you were trying to cut a thin slice off the top of the stone. Use moderate pressure, let the stone do the work. Repeat this pushing stroke 3 or 4 times. Try to maintain the same approximate angle with each stroke. This is the key to obtaining the sharpest edge.
    4. Sharpen the other side of the blade by placing your blade across the opposite end of your stone and repeat previous steps, this time pushing the blade toward you.
    5. Continue these steps until you feel your blade is truly sharp.
    6. Carbide Instructions:
    7. Place the sharpener on a flat surfact and firmly hold the sharpener with your hand while keeping your fingers behind the f...lide in and out of the serrations, even extremely small ones.
    8. Place your knife blade with the serrations facing the stone on the inside of the rod about 1/2" from the top of the stone. Hold the knife at a 90-degree angle to the base.
    9. Pull the blade down and across the ceramic rod starting from the back of the knife blade to the tip of the blade. Repeat this action for about 8-10 strokes.
    10. Repeat this stroke on th inside of the opposite rod to sharpen the backside of your knife. This will create a new bevel on the backside of your knife, which will create a straighter cut than the original factory edge.
    11. Repeat above steps until your knife is sharp.
    12. Hooks:
    13. Place the hook in the groove and rub the point of the hook back and forth until sharp. Use diamond groove for reshaping the edge and the groove in the ceramic stone to finish the edge.
    14. Care: Always clean your sharpener after use. Rinse with water and towel dry.


    Absolutely garbage. I can get a better edge using a coffee cup and a window . All it did was make my edge even more dull and I've been sharpening knives for years .

    Great Sharpener, I You Use It Consistently

    I was working offshore when I first got this, so I was gone every other month. My wife and daughter don't maintain knives blades, so they were pretty dull every time I came home from the rig. I was a little frustrated with this unit because it took more effort than I wanted to put into it on a really dulled blade. Fortunately my daughter saved the day and bought me a motorized unit for Christmas to handle the heavy work, and I would use this little Smith unit to finish the edge. And I'd have to repeat the process every time I came home from the rig.
    However, since then I've taken a job on land and am able to maintain the k knives on a real time basis. As a result, I no longer use the motorized unit, and only use this sharpener. And as long as I do so with each use of the knives, all I use the ceramic sticks and rubber strip on the side of the hand guard.
    All in all, it's a great little tool and after spending more money on sharpeners than I should have, I finally found one that lives up to the manufacturers ad and description.

    One Of I Best I Have Used!

    I have had this sharpener for about a month now and I have to say that I am truly impressed by it! It has everything you need in such a small package! I am not a huge fan of the carbide sharpener, I would only use that on maybe a cheap knife, but this sharpener has EVERYTHING you need to keep your knife razor sharp! Another post on here says that the ceramic rods are 800 grit but the website says they are in fact 1500 grit (which puts a pretty nice finish on your blade)! I have used many sharpeners and have never been a good "stone" sharpener but after watching a few tutorial videos on youtube and playing around with the diamond sharpener, I was able to get a pretty descent edge on my blades after a couple of days of doing so! I have used the Lansky Crock Sticks as well (pretty good sharpening system as well) but the downside to those are you cannot shape an edge on them if your blade is really dull (as you can with the carbide or diamond sharpener) and you cannot sharpen serrated blades on it either! I have never used a Spyderco Sharpmaker but I have heard some pretty good reviews about it and this can compare to it with its triangle shaped ceramic rods it uses and its only $20.00! If you have a serrated blade and it is really dull, it will take you a little longer due to the fine grit of the ceramic rods so I suggest starting a good cigar and just taking your time with it! If you are looking for a good bang for your buck, then this is the sharpener to get because it gives you different options to achieve the sharp blade you are wanting and wont break your bank doing it either! I highly recommend this product!

    Probably The Best $20 Sharpener On The Market!

    Unlike the Sharpmaker on Lansky crock rod systems, Smith's gives you a rough edge shaping carbide pull through, a 750 grit diamond stone, and a cleverly designed pair of ceramic rods said to be 800 grit. I'll take Smith's word on that but they *seem* finer.
    I have maintained countless knives on this system for a few years now getting hair popping edges in little time on knives like a Buck Folding Hunter, Buck 501 Squier, large and small Benchmade Griptilians, a myriad of Swiss army knives, and my Wusthof Grand Prix kitchen knives.
    There are two drawbacks worth mentioning: the rods are 4" which makes sharpening longer blade knives a bit more of a challenge. This system works best, in my opinion, with knife blades less than 4". You can certainly sharpen blades twice as long, it just requires a little more care and effort.
    The other drawback is the two brackets that secure the rods into the bottom of the base stick below the surface of the base and prevent a truly solid mounting on a flat surface. You need to use your off-hand to hold the base securely. I've suggested to Smith's they consider making the two rubber base pads thicker to address this issue.
    I had a problem with one of the ceramic rods after a few years and Smith's sent out a replacement pair at no charge. This on a sharpener that cost me less than $20 2-3 years ago! Excellent company, excellent products!