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    Knife Sharpening:

    NOTE: A reasonably sharp blade may only require light honing in the FINE slot. Use the COARSE slot for very dull or damaged edges. COARSE slot
    1. Hold knife on a flat surface with the cutting edge up and approximately 1˝ of blade extended past the edge.
    2. Place COARSE slot over cutting edge at heel of blade. (See Fig. 1)
    3. Pull over edge from heel to tip while applying moderate, downward pressure. Follow curvature of blade. WARNING: Keep fingers and thumb behind guards during use or serious injury could occur.
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until sharp.
    5. Move to FINE slot for finishing. See instructions below. NOTE: When the carbide blades in the COARSE slot stop working effectively, they can be rotated for use on the other sides or replaced. For instructions on rotating and replacing carbide blades, go to
    FINE slot
    1. Place sharpener as shown and grip handle for stability. (See Fig. 2)
    2. Insert heel of blade into slot and tilt tip down slightly.
    3. Pull blade through sharpening slot from heel to tip. Follow curvature of the blade.
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until sharp.
    Scissors Sharpening: (common household scissors only)
    1. For right-handed scissors, hold sharpener and scissors as shown and insert blades in slot. (See Fig. 3) Reverse for left-handed scissors.
    2. Close scissors on rod, then pull through slot while trying to keep blades closed. If preferred, push through slot instead of pulling.
    3. Repeat this action until sharp.
    Care & Storage: Clean with a damp cloth or mild brush after use. Do not rinse with water. Store in a dry place.