TRI-6 - 6" Three Stone Sharpening System

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Smith’s 3-Stone Sharpening System features a 6” Medium Synthetic Stone, 6” Fine Arkansas Stone, and 6” Coarse Synthetic Stone mounted on a molded plastic triangle with handles on the end for easy stone rotation and easy to read stone identification. The sturdy molded plastic base has nonskid rubber feet for safety, “V” trough to catch the oil drippings, and is easy to clean. A bottle of Premium Honing Solution and a sharpening angle guide are also included.

Product Features

Manual Features:

  • 3 Stones Mounted on Rotating Molded Plastic Triangle for Easy Stone Rotation and Identification
  • Molded Plastic Base with Nonskid Rubber Feet for Safety
  • “V” Trough to Catch the Solution
  • Premium Honing Solution Cleans and Protects the Sharpening Surface
  • Sharpening Angle Guide Ensures Correct Angle every time
Stone Size:
6” x 1  5/8” x 3/8”
Medium Arkansas - 600 Grit
Fine Arkansas - 1,000 Grit
Coarse Synthetic

Product Instructions

Sharpening Instructions:

  1. Select the proper stone to use. 

COARSE = Very aggressive and removes lots of metal during the sharpening process.  Use to set a new sharp cutting edge on a very dull or damaged blade.

MEDIUM = Not as aggressive as the COARSE stone, but does remove moderate amounts of metal.  Use for next step after starting with COARSE stone, or as a starting point for somewhat dull blades that still have a consistent cutting edge but need to be sharpened.

FINE = Removes the least amount of metal.  Sharpens and polishes the cutting edge at the same time.  Use for finishing the cutting edge to razor sharpness.

   2.  Put a small amount of Honing Solution on your stone. Don't use a lot of lubricant as a small amount goes a long way. Using a Natural Stone without a lubricant or water will damage and clog your stone. It protects the stone and the cutting edge of the knife or tool by washing away the particle of stone and metal created during the sharpening process. If necessary, water can be used as a substitute.

   3. To insure the proper sharpening angle on your knife, place the yellow Smith's Angle Guide at the end of your stone. This shows you the proper angle we recommend to use in order to obtain the sharpest edge. Next, place your blade flat on the Angle Guide at the end of the stone. Now you are ready to begin the sharpening process.

   4.  Push the blade away from you just like you are trying to carve a thin slice off the top of the stone. Don't be afraid to use pressure against the stone while sharpening since it will not damage the stone or your knife. Repeat this pushing stroke 3 or 4 times. Remember, try to keep the same approximate sharpening angle all the time, since this is the key to obtaining the sharpest edge.

   5.  To sharpen the other side of your knife, simply place your blade at the opposite end of your Smith sharpening stone and repeat the above steps, but instead of pushing the knife away from you, pull it towards you. Continue to sharpen until you feel that your blade is truly sharp.


Cleaning your stones will keep the pores free of stone and metal particles. After each use, the Arkansas stones should be cleaned by scrubbing vigorously with water, liquid soap, and a stiff nylon brush.




Product Reviews

    • 5 stars

    Had this for over 10 years

    Posted by Billy on 03/20/2017

    I originally bought this at lowes when I was 10 years old I always never got any sharp edges out of it so I automatically assumed it was crap. Through the years or acquiring and owning knives I collected a whole host of sharpeners like their precision guide sharpening system and learned how to sharpen knives proficiently through that and learned the fundamentals of getting a burr and removing it and polishing it and stropping it. I am now 21 years old I have the Wicked edge pro pack 2 which was 795$, The Edge Pro Apex 4 which was 290$, The worksharp ken onion edition with blade grinder that's 260$, And a whole host of Japanese water stones. At the end I come back to this it's fast it's very very good and it's affordable learn how to sharpen knives and you can get razor edges with this system. Another thing when you buy this you support the fundamentals of supporting the American economy.

    • 5 stars

    Private Contractor

    Posted by Emmi Saari on 02/25/2017

    For the price excellent produce, but needless to say that it is made in the USA when the bottom of the product reads made in China.

    Smith's Response:
    Thanks for the review. Please know that just the plastic stone base is produced in China. All of the sharpening stones, which constitutes over 3/4 of the cost of the product, are produced in USA. The product is assembled and packaged at our facility here in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

    • 5 stars

    Awesome Sharpening System!

    Posted by Al Bryan on 01/05/2017

    This was just what i was looking for! I like using 600 and 1,000 grit stones and this has both! I used it for my new Benchmade Griptilian and it put a shaving sharp edge on in just a few minutes! Im very happy with this system!

  • Poor product, poor customer service

    Posted by Craig on 12/16/2016

    Received this as a gift a couple years ago from my wife and have only used it twice. Like new condition and I keep it in its original box for storage. Plastic base has warped and now not easy to use since it now "rocks" easily, not level. Two emails into the company the past few weeks with no reply. Save your money and buy a better product with better service.

    Smith's Response:
    Craig, we apologize for this issue you are having. One of our Customer Service Representatives will contact you, so that we can mail you a replacement unit at no cost to you. I also want to apologize for the delay in responding to your earlier emails. Seems you emails were hung up in our Spam folder, and we did not see them when they first came in. Clearly, this is our mistake and we have added steps to our proofing procedures to ensure this does not happen again in the future.

  • no honing solution

    Posted by Paul on 11/13/2016

    bought the sharpening system at Lowes. no honing solution in box when I got home. No honing solution at three different stores either. I think I know why mine was missing. Evidently the solution is only available with the kit. Bought the last kit so no chance to cannibalize.

    Smith's Response: Sorry, to hear this. The TRI6 does come with a small bottle of honing solution. If you will get me your mailing address I will glad to send you a bottle.
    Crystal Pasley, Customer Service

    • 5 stars

    Great product

    Posted by Angus Campbell on 11/05/2016

    The other day while we were pulling up carpet in the house for new floors, my wife grabbed one of my fine wood chisels and used it to pry and cut carpet nailing strips from our concrete slab floors. Needles to say the fine edge was destroyed with bad nicks along the edge. I do not have a bench grinder and my old-school sharpening stones were not effective at grinding a new edge, considering the damage. I bought the Tri-6 product and am really pleased. With a little patience I was able to quickly restore an even edge with the coarse stone. The honing solution that came with the kit was very effective. Then I finished the edge with the medium and the fine stone, bringing it to a smooth polished sharp edge. I am now able to shave across wood grain resulting in shavings smaller than angel hair with minimal effort. The little angle wedge that comes with the kit is of little use, but I found that the stable base that holds the stones makes it easy to keep the tools at the right angle with a little practice. I have since gone on-line and ordered two bottles of the honing solution- it is so effective and easier to use than water or oil.

    • 5 stars

    A good system

    Posted by Dave on 08/13/2016

    Think this is my fourth or fifth sharpening system. The other's I've tried all work too, but there is just something about using a wet stone that is cool. One thing I noticed on mine is that after a few times of washing it off with soap and water after I used it, the next time I did you had to use a lot less honing oil then before the stones get seasoned up a bit. This could be the only sharpening system you would need if you happened to get it first instead of near the end of your collection.

    • 5 stars

    The Best one Yet

    Posted by Louie on 07/20/2013

    I have owned a few Smith's products for over 20 years and I just started using the TRI-6 to sharpen my collection and WOW what a great product. They have taken what was already a great product and made it even better. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a sharpener that does exactly what it is supposed to do every time with 100% perfection. Thanks Smith's for being a part of our family tradition.


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