50264, 50414 -Precision Ground Carbide Replacement Blades - Square Rod

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These are carbide replacement blades for the Smith's Adjustable Angle Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener (item # 50264 & 50414).  Tungsten Carbide Blades put a quick sharp edge on dull or damaged knives. These carbide blades are precision ground to provide a smoother, more consistent sharp cutting edge on your knife blade.  They also sharpen your blade quicker than standard carbide blades.

These blades come two per set.  One for each side of the slot.  These blades are replaceable only.

See additional images for reference to the item that uses these particular carbide blades.

Product Features

  • Tungsten Carbide material works quickly to remove metal
  • Will quickly put a sharp edge on even the dullest of knives
  • Gives a smoother, more consistent sharp cutting edge than standard carbide blades

Product Instructions

Replacement Instructions:

  1. Remove the adjustable knob. 
  2. Remove the gray cover over the sharpening slots. 
  3. Remove the Phillips head screw(s) and the cover over the blades.  Save the screw(s) and cover for re-assembly.
  4. Remove the existing carbide blades and discard.
  5. Insert new carbide blades into v-slot in the same manner as the old blades that were just removed.  
  6. Put the cover back over the blades and replace the screw(s).
  7. Tighten down the screw.
  8. Snap the gray sharpening slot cover back over the slots.
  9. Replace the adjustable knob.


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