CSCS - 4-in-1 Knife and Scissors Sharpener

  • Compatible with:
  • Serrated Knives
  • Straight Edge Knives
  • Scissors
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Smith’s new 4-in-1 Knife and Scissors Sharpener features pre-set crossed carbide blades, sharpening steels, ceramic stones, and a scissors sharpener. Carbide blades provide quick edge setting capabilities, and the sharpening steels offer the perfect edge alignment. Specially shaped ceramic stones provide a razor sharp edge on serrated or standard blades.

Product Features

Manual Features:

  • Pre-set Crossed Carbide Blades Provide Quick Edge Setting
  • Reversible and Replaceable Carbide Blades & Ceramic Stones Extend Sharpening
  • Pre-set Crossed Steel Rods Offer Perfect Edge Alignment
  • Specially Shaped Ceramic stones Provide a Razor Sharp Edge on Serrated or Standard Blades
  • Sharpens Left or Right Handed Scissors


  • Sharpening Steels
  • Coarse Ceramic - 600 Grit
  • Carbides

Product Instructions

Knife Sharpening Instructions:

  1. Place handle of unit on a flat surface with the head of the sharpener suspended over the edge.
  2. Push back on the handle until the lip of the unit rests securely against the edge of the flat surface. Hold handle of unit for stability.
  3. Insert knife blade into sharpening slots or crossed steel rods.
  4. Press firmly and pull knife through the sharpening slots or steel rods. Repeat 3 time or until knife is sharp.


Scissors Sharpening Instructions:
The specially designed "floating sharpening rod conforms to the exact angle of your scissors. It is simple and easy to use and it works on both left & right-handed scissors.
1.       To sharpen right-handed scissors, begin by holding the head of the knife sharpener in your left hand with the words "right- handed scissors" facing you. Then place the flat base at the other end of the handle on the solid flat surface.
2.       Open your scissors blades and insert the blades as far as possible through the slots.
3.       Close scissors on the sharpening rod as if you wer trying to cut the rod, then pull the scissor blades through the slots while trying to keep the blades closed. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times (more for duller scissors). If preferred, push scissors through unit instead of pulling
4.       To sharpen left-handed scissors hold the head of the sharpener in your right hand with the words" left-handed scissors" facing you and then repeat steps 2 and 3.

Care: Always clean your sharpener after use. Rinse with water and towel dry.


Product Reviews

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  • Easy to use

    Love the sharpener. Real easy to use and makes sharing easy.

    Posted by Skbaker on 11/19/2013

  • Long term user

    I work with a major retail store in the cutlery department. Over the past 7 years I've sharpened hundreds of knives and use the marvelous 4 in 1 tool for setting up my edge before I move on to more advanced techniques. The 4 in 1 just by itself gives you a fast edge without having to really do any more. It's indispensable out in the field when you need to bring an edge back up to skinning sharp. I've an excellent word of mouth reputation here in Las Vegas for my sharpening skills, my 4 in 1 is a contributor to that. Try it, you'll like it but careful after use or you'll cut yourself because it really works.

    Posted by Eddie G. on 09/10/2014


    Really, which one do you start with?

    Posted by jH on 12/26/2014

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